Ryan Zukowski

Ryan Zukowski, an instructor for Long Island Historical Fencing Society, has been studying Historical European Martial Arts since 2013. His main focus has been interpreting sources and re-creating the fighting systems depicted therein. He has visited and trained with several clubs along the East Coast of the US. He has been participating in tournaments since 2014 and has ranked in the top 8 in 10, including winning first place in IGX Lightweight Dagger in 2016 and 2017. He specializes in the Liechtenauer tradition of the Kunst des Fechten in dolfechten (dagger fighting), Harnessfechten (fighting in harness/armor), Longsword, sword and buckler, and Kampfringen (combat grappling). In addition to his specializations in the Liechtenauer tradition, he also has studied US military saber, Italian Rapier, Dussack, smallsword, and sidesword for over three years. 

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