I.33: How to Effectively Control the Center and What is the Sieging Concept

Part One: Proper Body Mechanic

  • Stability and orientation of the upper torso and shoulder for stronger pressure in the center.
  • Aligning the feet to have more pressure in the center.
  • How to gain the center line with minimal upper body rotation.
  • How to rebind over your opponent blade effectively.

Part Two: Strategy and Positioning

  • Proper mentality and preparation before engagement with a siege. Why we are using the siege.
  • First sieging with the half-shield. How a proper sieging gives you an advantage before the engagement.
  • A proper sieging is done, but opponent succeed to defend. How the unsuccessful siege still gives you an advantage.
  • The opponent has the center, how to safely give it to take it back right after.

Experience required: moderate to advanced.

Gear required: a sword and a buckler, protective equipment is recommended but not required.

Location: 3 (Main Field, Lanes 5&6) Date: September 30, 2018 Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Jérôme Paupe